Recent Before & After Photos

Roof leak from the storm needs fixing

This particular job was hectic! A majority of the home had to be disassembled due to water damage from the rain. Wind didn't help either; many shingles had to b... READ MORE

Sometimes, storm damage is unavoidable

Owning a business doesn't mean you will always have control over how the building reacts to storm weather. The ceiling in this storm was found to be leaking ove... READ MORE

Our first lightning strike damage

Thankfully, no one was hurt during this incident. This call was the first for roof damage due to lightning. This sort of damage doesn't happen often, and we hav... READ MORE

We don't like readings in the red

Moisture readings all the way to the right, such as the first photo, indicate there is a lot of moisture present. There was a lot of moisture in this Ukiah home... READ MORE

Water damage in Santa Rosa

This flooring, as well as the kitchen and living room, were affected by a laundry room mishap. In other parts of the house, it was warped and starting to peel a... READ MORE

Healdsburg fire damage loss

This fire started in a kitchen due to a faulty outlet in an older home. Some of the materials in the kitchen backdrop had to be replaced, but otherwise the crew... READ MORE

Cloverdale fire damage-WOW! What a difference!

This home wasn't demolished, but fire damage broke out in the kitchen and smoke damage was found all throughout the house. The heat melted electronics, damaged ... READ MORE

Healdsburg water damage

This home in Healdsburg had insulation that was full of water, and the water just came running once we cut into the ceiling! But, as you can see, we are running... READ MORE

Geyserville fire damage loss on a weekend

We are a 24/7 emergency service company for a reason. Fires are more likely to happen on the weekends, at 4:59, or at 3 AM, according to Murphy's Law. We worked... READ MORE

Fireplace and house repair after a fire

This home had some major reconstruction after a water heater malfunction. The home went above and beyond to pre-loss condition, thanks to SERVPRO technicians wi... READ MORE